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What if my husband doesn't want to be head of the household? What do I do? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

Could I lose my retirement if the company I work for goes bust? Should I cut up my credit cards?

Will Israel attack Iran's nuclear facility? How does one overcome the spirit of fear? How will the stock market affect the commodities markets?

Is it showing a lack of faith in God if I buy life insurance? What do you think will be the future growth industries?

Jesus died on the cross on Friday and rose again on Sunday. What did He do during that three days? How can I invest in my marriage?

Pat Robertson answers questions about tears in heaven, witnessing to a Muslim and more.

Pat answers a viewer's question about how to fix the economy.

Pat explains how to deal with an abusive father, problems with trying to communicate with the dead, and dealing with chain e-mails.

Pat Robertson answers your questions: What does it mean to claim your healing? Was Peter really crucified upside down?

Pat Robertson answers your questions about fat burning, a vegetarian diet for heart patients, sugar intake, and more.

After my divorce, my ex doesn't know how to relate to my 11-year-old daughter. What do I do?

I think I am seeing demons. What do I do? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

Should I pay off my mortgage first if I have the cash, or should I invest the money?

Pat Robertson answers questions concerning the church in America, demons on the earth, and the cause of obesity.

Pat Robertson answers questions on these topics: back stretches, consistent exercise, eating late, sandwich diets, natural ways to counteract...

My mother recently had a sex change operation. Now she wants my kids to call her "grandpa'. What do I do?