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This Messianic Jew and recording artist talks about the importance of the Jewish new year and sings "Adonai."

For those fans who have followed Point of Grace’s success in the gospel market, it should be no surprise that the gifted group has recently seen...

Anthony dealt with tragedies in his young life with the gangsta lifestyle. He's now known as Litarodi, a popular Christian Hip-Hop Artist.

Chris Sligh came from humble beginnings. Now he uses his talents to serve the Lord.

Chris Sligh talks about being an 'American Idol' finalist in season six, talks about his faith, and sings live on The 700 Club.

Cheryl James, aka "Salt," shares how she left the group Salt-N-Pepa at the peak of her career to pursue a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Johnny Cash's brother talks about his faith and growing up with a famous sibling.

The Fisk Jubilee Singers were the first to share Negro spirituals with the world.

The Fisk Jubilee Singers were the first to share Negro spirituals with the world.

Jake grew up playing music and chasing fame. Then, one day he read a Bible verse that changed his direction.

Watch this exclusive performance of "Full Circle" from our Nashville studios.

This gospel blues singer was deep in the darkness of drugs. See how Mike Farris eventually saw the light.

Beatlemania took the nation by storm. Yet at the center of it all, former Apple Records executive Ken Mansfield was searching for more than rock'n'...

Abandoned by his parents, he was lost in a world of endless raves and dealing drugs. See how God gave this singer a spiritual high.

As a member of Union Station, Ron Block found his identity in Christ. Also, watch a special message from Gordon on salvation.

Scott Ross visits the gospel blues singer in his legendary home to discuss faith, country music, and how a guitar saved his soul.


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