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Jake grew up playing music and chasing fame. Then, one day he read a Bible verse that changed his direction.

Watch this exclusive performance of "Full Circle" from our Nashville studios.

This gospel blues singer was deep in the darkness of drugs. See how Mike Farris eventually saw the light.

Beatlemania took the nation by storm. Yet at the center of it all, former Apple Records executive Ken Mansfield was searching for more than rock'n'...

Abandoned by his parents, he was lost in a world of endless raves and dealing drugs. See how God gave this singer a spiritual high.

As a member of Union Station, Ron Block found his identity in Christ. Also, watch a special message from Gordon on salvation.

Scott Ross visits the gospel blues singer in his legendary home to discuss faith, country music, and how a guitar saved his soul.

If you love jazz, then Jonathan Butler's guitar is a familiar sound. What you may not know is that the trappings of fame almost ended his life until...

Watch the full version of Scott Ross's talk with bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs

She's one of the hardest working women in Gospel music. After 40 years of sweeping the nation, she stops by The 700 Club to perform and share from...

Santos' first break into music came early, when the jazz band he played in landed a gig at Carnegie Hall. Yet, the fame was not enough to satisfy --...

Colin Ireton lived as the poster child of an '80s "hair" band. But eventually the fame wasn’t enough. There was a nagging inner belief that there...

Veteran musician and multiple Grammy winner Ricky Skaggs talks with Scott Ross about his career and his involvement in The Call.

As a budding opera star, Jason Black’s voice is his future. However, a freak accident is about to steal his dream and nearly take his life.

They are five talented musicians all under the age of 25. The Annie Moses Band performs 100 shows a year. They’re more than a band… they’re family.

Whether it's singing in front of thousands of teenage girls or an audience of One, Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell is finally comfortable baring his...


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