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In the updated version of her cookbook, Eating Well Through Cancer, Holly Clegg supports cancer patients and caregivers with delicious recipes for...

Author and chef Barton Seaver discusses healthy eating with seafood and the importance of a healthy seafood supply.

Author and fitness model, Natalie Jill discusses changing her diet after a celiac disease diagnosis, and how she lost 60 pounds.

La Doctora Marta Rivera, nos habla sobre la importancia de la nutrición y de las enfermedades que podemos desarrollar a consecuencia de una dieta no...

Nick lost over 150 pounds in a little over a year with diet, exercise and a reaffirmation of his identity in Christ.

Will Clower, Ph.D discusses the new science of chocolate and its many benefits to health and weight loss.

Candice shares ideas of how to create dishes that are inexpensive, delicious and healthy.

When it comes to our health, processed food is public enemy number one. In order to win any battle, it helps to know the secrets the food industry...

Nutrition expert and author Keri Glassman translates cutting-edge science into an easy-to-do program that will leave dieters energetic, healthy and...

Food and nutrition expert Matt Goulding shares how you can enjoy comfort foods without the guilt.

Pat Robertson shares the secret to his delicious fall soup. GET RECIPE HERE.

Millions of honey bees continue to mysteriously disappear, but five years later researchers are no closer to finding the cause, a riddle that poses a...

Is it bad to double dip at parties? Which is healthier, whole egg or egg white omelets? Is there any harm in young children watching TV?

Give the holidays that homemade touch. The Food Network's Sandra Lee shares her secrets to a happy and healthy holiday meal.

NBC's Biggest Loser success story, Amy Parham, visits the 700 Club studio to share her experience of losing over 100 pounds.

Lorraine Wallace made a mealtime tradition in her blended family by bring everyone together to the dinner table for Sunday soup.