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The author shares how serious weight gain can signal spiritual lack.

Reporter Lorie Johnson shares specific goals that will make you healthier in 2011.

The author of the Zone Diet says a lack of hormonal balance makes us and keeps us fat.

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Should women take iron? How can I stay awake? Will God heal me from my sin? Is Cushing's disease treatable?

What is fasting? Are there any health benefits to coffee? How can I help a friend with fibromyalgia?

Blogger and author Terry Walters talks about making healthy choices that help you and your family eat food that's good for you.

With Thanksgiving coming up, how do I avoid overeating? Are statin drugs harmful? What is a compounding pharmacy?

Millions may have diabetes and not know it. Nutrition expert Marlea Clark shares how eating well leads to a healthier lifestyle.

How can I help my teen sleep? What supplements do you suggest? Being lactose intolerant, what is a good replacement for milk?

What is core training? Can yawning be a sign of medical problems? What are the reasons to get a second opinion?

How does a 36-year-old have three heart attacks? After her scare, Sally Bee found a new way to be healthy.

Is it possible there are spiritual implications to weight loss? What do you think about urgent care clinics? Can noise affect the heart?

The author of The Green Princess Cookbook and founder of Batter Up Kids Culinary Center talks about feeding kids the right foods.

How can help get elasticity in my skin? What fruits or vegetables do you suggest for fall? Is there anything I can do to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome?

Can men get breast cancer? What is the difference between ADD and ADHD? How can I maintain a healthy lifestyle?