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Jim and Maria Goclan were up to their ears in debt. Then, Jim lost his job and to top it off their air conditioner broke. When they started giving to...

When Andrew was laid off, things got scary in the Chase household. Even through that difficult time, the Chases stood firm on one principle.

A six-figure debt pushed Andy to the brink of suicide, until his wife, Mary Jane, discovered a principle that transformed their lives. It can work...

Gordon Robertson offers tips on ways to shrink your financial burdens and live abundantly.

Pat Robertson answers the following Bring It On questions: Is credit counseling a good way to pay off debt? Will we enter a recession? What if I don'...

Pat Robertson interviews author Jim Rogers on China's booming economy.

Clifford’s wallet held an ultimate test that would lead to his heart’s desire

Andy was a half million dollars in debt. He thought the best way out was to die. God took him through a complete turn-around. That same love and...

The Iretons went from choosing between food and electricity to owning a successful business and living a debt-free life. You can be free too.

Is the invoice the actual price of cars today? Do warehouse stores really save you that much? Does BP have the money to pay for all the damage done?

Bill and Wanda stuck to their plan despite temporary circumstances. The result: their business quadrupled, along with their profits. Yours can too.

When financial specialist Ed Choong couldn't land a good job, he picked up a Bible to find the answer.

Pat Robertson answers the following Bring It On questions: What do I do with my financial windfall? Could America become bankrupt?

“I don't stress out about our finances anymore,” says Mike. Learn how the Richins erased $160,000 of debt.

Pat Robertson answers your Bring It On questions: What can we do when we're faced with foreclosure? Can anyone be an entrepreneur? Is now the time to...

Nurse Katherine Seig donated money for a water well in India. She went to India for the well dedication.