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ChurchWatch 07/26/07

Jesus Film Now in 1,000 Languages

This month, The JESUS Film reaches a milestone with the debut of its 1,000th translation, making it the most-translated film in history.

According to Campus Crusade, if you took some of the biggest box office hits of all time, blockbuster films like Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Titanic, and The Lion King -- all have been translated into multiple languages and shown to audiences around the world. But if you added them all together they wouldn't reach even half the number of translations of JESUS, the most-translated film in history.

"Lanka Kol is our 1,000th translation of the JESUS film," said Jim Green, executive director of The JESUS Film Project.

"It's a language many Americans have probably never even heard of, but there are more than one million people in India who speak Lanka Kol -- and now we have the opportunity to begin sharing the gospel story with them in their own language."

Produced by Campus Crusade for Christ, the original JESUS film debuted in U.S. theaters in 1979. With a viewing audience of more than five billion, JESUS has been shown around the world, often in remote, Third World locations using a makeshift screen and portable projector.

For many audiences, it's their first look at a movie image.

"Storytelling is the fundamental way that people communicate around the world," said Green. "Through the JESUS film, we can tell the incredible story of God's love in a simple way that people can relate to -- and we can do it in their heart language."

While the 1,000th translation is a major milestone, it's not the end of the story. The JESUS Film Project plans to continue translating the film into 500 new languages, which include every language with more than 100,000 speakers.
The purpose of The JESUS Film Project is to provide people of every nation with the opportunity to learn about Jesus in their own language through film.

For more information, including a list of the JESUS film translations go to www.MostTranslatedFilm.com

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