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ChurchWatch 05/02/08

"Florida Outpouring" Exclusive Update; VeggieTales' Phil Vischer Honored

From our ChurchWatch guest reporter, Julie Gillies:

What began on April 2nd as a short visit by Todd Bentley, founder of Fresh Fire Ministries, to Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida has exploded into an ongoing and indefinite healing revival. The venue has changed four times in order to accommodate the expanding multitudes of people arriving from around the country and the globe. At current press time, the revival is scheduled to remain at The Lakeland Center through Thursday, May 1st and will move to Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland for services Friday, May 2nd through Sunday, May 4th.

Wednesday, April 30th, was the 30th day of what is now being called “The Florida Outpouring”. Bobby Connor, of Eagle View Ministries in Bullard, Texas proclaimed that the fire and healing power of God is “Contagious, transferable, and will not be diluted but distilled.” He went on to say, “Jesus said ‘Greater works than these shall you do.’ God is proclaiming Psalms 66:5 – ‘Come on, take a look and see what I can do!’”

Todd Bentley declared, “This is a media revival. The miracles will be so profound; we won’t have to be ashamed of the media coverage (this time). Because the only news to report will be Good News!”

With great authority and radical faith, Todd Bentley then called out the following words of knowledge (and many more) to those in the congregation, those watching on God TV and viewers on the Internet:

“God is healing a heart condition; a new kidney is being created; a new liver; a blood condition is being healed; a chemical imbalance; a tumor…cancer is coming out of your body right now in the name of Jesus; eyesight is beginning to clear; blindness; deaf ears are beginning to pop; crippling rheumatoid arthritis is being healed – get out of your wheelchair and walk! A stroke is being healed; M.S. is being healed; someone in a wheel chair, someone on oxygen. Release that anointing against terminal sickness and terminal disease, God!”

Todd proclaimed to the crowd, “People are being healed. Take your miracle! Take your miracle! There is healing in this place! Receive it! Receive it!” The crowd was invited to pray for one another, and Todd remarked that the Body of Christ was beginning to move in healing.

After more worship, Todd asked people to move in the anointing – to do something they could not do before. “If you can do something you couldn’t do before, come down to the platform.” Dozens of people left their seats and headed toward the already jam-packed front, displacing worshippers who didn’t seem to mind making way.

The following are but a few examples of the dozens of people who testified that they were healed on Wednesday night by the power of God:

• Kara: She has a degenerative disease in her spine, chronic pancreatitis, M.S., lupus, and needed a liver transplant. She has used a wheelchair since October 2006 for long distances. Doctors told Kara her vertebrae are literally chipping away. She was told that the deterioration would cause her to remain permanently in the wheelchair soon. Todd called out all 5 of her ailments, one right after the other. She felt electricity, walked across the platform and now has no pain.

• Pastor from Eagle Pass, Texas: Had tremendous pain in right knee. He actually required a knee replacement but the power of God went through him, and his knee was totally healed. “I came for the fire.” He said with tears streaming down his face.

• Lynn:  – Lynn works for Todd (she helps with the press) She has had multiple cysts for years and they are now gone! Todd asked, “How many tumors did you have?” She did not know, but suffered a miscarriage and the doctor suspects the reason was the numerous tumors. To Todd’s great delight, she reports that CNN is currently on her cell phone, on hold because she is testifying that God healed her! Todd declares, “I’m ready Larry King, I’m ready Anderson Cooper! Come on!”

• Vickie from Alaska: Had right knee and right hip socket severe pain. She felt great heat come over her entire body. The power of God touched her and all the pain left her body!

• Diana: She was in a severe car accident – rolled her car 5 times at 65 mph. She suffered a compressed fracture of the right foot, left arm, an injured shoulder, an aneurism in back of her neck, and twisted intestines. This woman had chronic pain and used a wheelchair for most travel. She even took a pain pill just to make it to the meeting. Suddenly she felt the peace of God and the pain is completely gone.

The Florida Outpouring is being broadcast live each night at 7pm on God TV (DirecTV Channel 365) or watch live via the Internet at: http://www.freshfire.ca./

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VeggieTales' Phil Vischer Honored

Dan Wooding of Assist News Service (ANS) reports that Phil Vischer, founder of Big Idea Productions and creator of the popular VeggieTales series, has been selected as the 9th recipient of the Robert A. Briner Impact Award. The award was created in 2003 by writer/producer Mark Joseph, founder of MJM Entertainment Group and Dr. John Mark Reynolds, director of Biola University's Torrey Honors Institute, to honor artists who have embodied the ideals of the late media executive and author Robert A. Briner.

"The Emmy-award winning television producer was also a global pioneer in sports media, working alongside legendary athletes such as Arthur Ashe, Dave Dravecky, Michael Jordan and many others, but the most influential legacy Briner left behind has proved to be his book, Roaring Lambs and its sequel, Final Roar," said Mark Joseph.

"In his books, Briner encouraged artists and media professionals of faith to integrate their beliefs into mainstream culture, always pursuing excellence and striving to 'give people the chance to choose good things instead of bad things.'"

"Phil Vischer is a man who thoroughly exemplifies Bob Briner's ideals," noted Reynolds. "He has provided millions of children and adults with memorable characters like Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Junior Asparagus and many others."

"Bob was a fan of VeggieTales and would be excited about this choice," noted Joseph who will present the award along with Reynolds at the 13th Annual Biola Media Conference this May 3rd, 2008, on location at the CBS lot in Studio City, CA.

Vischer was selected as this year's honoree by a panel consisting of Briner's friends and colleagues including Joseph, Reynolds, director Steve Taylor, columnist Terry Mattingly, record executive Barry Landis, author/artist Charlie Peacock, and Briner's widow Marty Briner.

"We're proud of Phil's accomplishments and it's an honor to be associated with him and to honor him," noted Lisa Swain, chair of Biola University's Cinema and Media Arts department.

Past recipients of the Briner Impact Award have included Touched By An Angel creator Martha Williamson; lead singer of the Grammy award winning rock band Jars of Clay, Dan Haseltine; Former ABC News Senior producer Jody Hassett, author and rock critic Steve Turner, X-Men producer Ralph Winter, film producer Steve McEveety and Chicago Tribune Editor Lou Carlozo.

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