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ChurchWatch 07/15/09

Mission to America: A Plea to Christians -- Win Souls

This week the "Pocket Full of Change" lady, Cheryle Touchton, travelled through Appalachia, stopping finally in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, where she passed out Gospel tracts and led people to Christ. ChurchWatch is following Cheryle's journey this summer to take the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ to hurting people across America. Log in throughout the week to follow her modern-day missionary journey.

 The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. (Matt. 9:37, NIV)

Hubby Bob went back to building robots on July 5th, weary from a week of missions, but thrilled by the many salvations in New York and D.C.  Speaker/Author Barbara Gobbs joined the journey for week 5. Barbara is the third Ministry Partner at Pocket Full of Change Ministers. 

We travelled west through Maryland, down through the curvy West Virginia roads and on through Virginia, Tennessee, and finally North Carolina. The first night, God allowed us to lead a 17-year-old recent high school graduate to Christ. Other Christians had sowed seeds, God prepared the field, and Tim was ready. When we asked him to pray with us, he eagerly agreed. God is calling Americans to Him.

Salvations – Trolley Tracting

We’d had so many salvations on New York subways that I wondered if riding trolleys would be the same. When Barbara and I got to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, we took salvation tracts and rode the trolley. Two people prayed to receive Jesus on the trolley, within earshot of many people. We got off to visit an outlet mall (what can I say – we’re women) where we “worked the benches”. Along the sidewalk, men patiently sat on benches, praying spouses didn’t break the bank.

We’d say, “You look like you’re waiting on a woman.” They’d nod and laugh and we’d ask, “May we give you something to read while you wait?” Most took tracts and read them. We prayed with some for health and emotional concerns and shared praises and encouragement with others. One young father and husband prayed to receive Christ. Imagine going in to shop and coming out to find your husband a changed man. 

Churches in America

The last two Sundays, Barbara and I visited two Southern Baptist Churches that are ministering to their communities with completely different worship styles.

First Baptist Church of Alexandria, in Virginia, had a traditional Baptist worship service that included a small orchestra, lovely hand bells, and a full choir.  Their women’s ensemble brought us to tears. We recognized the hymns and sang with gusto. Pastor Don Davidson wore a suit and preached from a pulpit.

Mountain View Baptist Church in Black Mountain, North Carolina, had a contemporary praise band with worship leaders.  The old and young alike raised hands, moved, and sang with the fast-paced praise choruses.  After a chorus or two, Barbara and I caught on and enjoyed singing. Pastor Kevin Bennett taught from a stool, wearing khaki pants and an opened neck shirt. The blessing of the day was the three salvations. This church has gone from 50 to 600 members in just six years.

A Plea To Christians

I’ve traveled the streets of America as an evangelist for seven years and have evangelized for most of my life. I’ve never seen a time when Americans were so hungry for the truth and peace of Jesus Christ. Many Christians are timid about evangelism. When asked why, most say it is because they don’t like it when other religions try to proselytize them. 

Several Christians said, “I am uncomfortable giving out tracts because I don’t like it when people try to give me something I don’t want to read.” 

I beg Christians to understand the difference between proselytizing and evangelizing and to be bold about evangelizing.  Proselytizing is manipulating the situation and twisting facts to persuade people against their will. Evangelizing is leading people to the awesome, mind-blowing love of Jesus Christ. Proselytizing is an ugly word and evangelizing is one of the sweetest words there is.

There is a reason Christians don’t like it when people hand us questionable material. The Holy Spirit reveals the untruth of their message.  That same Holy Spirit is paving the way for evangelism and when we gently and lovingly speak the truth, people recognize and appreciate it.  In fact, they long for it. 

People get saved from reading tracts. Please hand them out. People get saved from our asking, “Have you ever invited Jesus Christ to be your personal savior? Would you like to do that now?”  Please, invite them to pray with you. Very few get annoyed by the question or the tract. Please don’t let this minority stop you from leading people to Christ. Be a part of what the Holy Spirit is doing in our country. I’ve never seen it so easy to lead people to Christ. 

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Cheryle M. Touchton is the Director of Pocket Full of Change Ministries.  She is the author of 2 Books: Pocket Full of Quarters: 5 Steps to Loving God and Pocket Full of Christmas: Having a Purpose Filled Advent. For more information or to schedule a speaker for an event, go to http://www.pocketfullofchange.org/ or call Gail Golden at (904) 316-5462.

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