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ChurchWatch 01/21/11

Resources for Internet Evangelism Day

Digital media have transformed the world in the last 15 years. We have entered a new ‘digital communication culture’ where the rules for effective communication have changed. There are now more than 2 billion web users, and 4 billion people use mobile phones -- and increasingly these are web-equipped.

The Web is not just another means of communication, but a hyper-medium that converges, links together, and enhances all previous media. There has never been a time in the history of mankind where it was easier to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with seekers from around the world.

Internet Evangelism DayTo make people aware of this unprecidented opportunity, the annual Internet Evangelism Day is set for Sunday, May 15th. This is an opportunity for churches and ministries to inform the public of the amazing opportunities that are now available for sharing the gospel on the Internet, social networking, and mobile phones.

Internet Evangelism Day exists to help Christians understand the huge and growing potential to share the good news of Jesus through digital media.

Throughout the month of May, opportunities will be given for churches and other groups to present digital evangelism in ways that fit into their programs. There are several exciting social networking and mobile phone initiatives that Christians can learn to use during May that will be showcased on InternetEvangelismDay.com -- a year-round resource guide, with ideas and strategies for all types of digital evangelism.

Internet Evangelism Day is an initiative of the Internet Evangelism Network, based at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College. It is supported by a wide range of Christian leaders and groups. Here are just a few:

"The Internet is one of the most key tools that God has given us in the church today. Internet Evangelism is a dynamic, effective, cutting-edge ministry that more people should get involved in!” – George Verwer, Operation Mobilization

"“It gives me great hope to know that new generations of leaders are committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in culturally relevant ways, via culturally relevant means. I am glad to commend Internet Evangelism Day." – John Stott.

“The Internet offers churches, Christian organizations and individuals an amazing and rapidly expanding opportunity to share the ‘Good News’ of the gospel with a world in need. I pray that Internet Evangelism Day will inspire many more to utilize this dynamic media to extend and enlarge their witness for Christ.” – Dr. Sterling Huston, Director of North American Ministries, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

“The question is not whether Jesus would do internet evangelism; the only question is ‘How Would Jesus Do It?’ How would Jesus use Twitter? How would Jesus use Facebook? Thanks to Internet Evangelism Day, we can explore these questions together and get busy living the Great Mission.” – Leonard Sweet, author

Internet Evangelism Day offers a one-stop online resource guide to help Christians understand these varied opportunities. Topics covered include:

  • How to build a church website that is 'outsider friendly';
  • Using Facebook and Twitter in evangelism; and
  • Keeping a small portfolio of video clips on your mobile phone.

For many of these opportunities, you need no technical knowledge at all. And there are many opportunities to volunteer to be an e-mail mentor to inquirers who have visited outreach sites operated by several online ministries.

To find out how you and your church can get involved, go to http://www.internetevangelismday.com/

Learn more about Internet Evangelism in my book, NetCasters: Using the Internet to Make Fishers of Men

Free Resources for IE Day

IEDay.com offers speakers on different aspects of digital evangelism, who are also available for media interview.

If you are on Facebook, please ‘Like’ the IE Day fan page, and post a short announcement about IE Day to your Wall using this www.facebook.com/share.php.

Please Tweet about IE Day – here’s a ready-made posting.

Free articles and stories relating to digital evangelism (for a Christian audience).

Free video clips to download and use (for a Christian audience).

For evangelistic seeker-friendly articles, free for re-publication in print or online, go to Rusty Wright’s resources.

You may also be interested in free evangelistic literature in easy-English for Africa and Asia. These papers are free in any reasonable quantity and articles from them are also free for reprint, translation or online use.

If you edit a print newsletter or magazine, e-mail newsletter or blog, please consider mentioning Internet Evangelism Day now, so that people will have advance awareness. Here is a short news release. Other longer news items are available.

Royalty-free IE Day photos are also available to enhance postings and articles.

More at http://www.internetevangelismday.com/

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