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ChurchWatch 11/08/11

Vietnam and Yemen: Praying Through the Window


Population: 89,571,130

Chief of State: President Nguyen Minh Triet

Head of Government: Prime Minister Nguyen Sihn Hung

Christians: 9.4%

Evangelical Christians: 1.8%

Dominant Religion: Buddhism 52.5%

Persecution Ranking: 18th

Vietnam is one of only five communist countries in the world today. The government continues to be repressive and to violate human rights. It continues to persecute Christians.

Like China, the people of Vietnam follow many false religions. Besides communism and Buddhism, they also practice ancestor worship, Taoism, and Confucianism.


Like many other nations in the 10/40 Window, the Church in Vietnam is growing despite persecution. Among the Hmong people, for instance, the Christian population has grown from no believers in 1988 to as many as 400,000 in 2010.


  • the strongholds of every false religion at work in Vietnam to be torn down. Pray for the Light of Christ to shine into the spiritual darkness of this nation. (The Bible, II Corinthians 4:4)
  • the salvation of government leaders. Pray for greater freedom of religion and for Christians to be bold and strong in the Lord. (The Bible, I Timothy 2:1-4)
  • a great harvest of souls in Vietnam as the Kingdom of God comes to this nation with great power and glory. (The Bible, John 4:35)


Population: 23,495,361

Chief of State: President Ali Abdallah Saleh

Head of Government: Prime Minister Ali Muhammad Mujawwar

Christians: 0.1%

Evangelical Christians: 0.0%

Dominant Religion: Sunni Islam

Persecution Ranking: 7th

Yemen was caught in the wave of protests that surged across North Africa and into the Middle East. The "Arab Spring," as some have called it, led to massive demonstrations. Though President Saleh was forced to leave the country after being injured in a bomb attack, as of this writing, he has not stepped down from office.

Western governments consider Yemen a key nation in the fight against terrorism. The current instability could lead to greater democracy or be an opportunity for extremists to seize control.

Though Yemen is considered one of the least evangelized nations on earth, radio, satellite television, and internet have made an impact. There is a small but growing body of Christian Believers.


  • groups like al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and the Muslim Brotherhood to be barred from control of Yemen. Pray for the Lord to raise up leaders of His choosing who will serve the people with humility and integrity. (The Bible, Daniel 2:21)
  • Muslims in this unevangelized nation to have the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (The Bible, Romans 1:16)
  • the Lord to surround Christians in Yemen with His holy angels, protecting them as they faithfully seek and serve Him. (The Bible, Psalm 91:11)

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