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DaleH 08/16/07

Artist Draws Mohammed as a Dog; Gets Threatened

Swedish artist Lars Vilks was invited to submit art to an exhibition last month in Tällberg, Sweden. Vilks writes, at one of his off-beat websites, that the theme of the art show was “Dog.”
So, Vilks submitted several drawings of Mohammed as a dog. The art was taken down by exhibit organizers afraid of Muslim violence.
But Vilks apparently responded to the censorship by drawing more pictures of Mohammed as a dog. The blog Gates of Vienna reports that Scandinavian newspapers have been covering the controversy and reprinting the photos. Muslims have reportedly threatened to slit Vilks’ throat.
This could get nasty. Here’s how some British Muslims reacted last year when Mohammed was drawn in a Danish newspaper with a bomb in his turban. (Courtesy: NEFA Foundation)
And along comes, at just the right moment, Robert Spencer’s new book, Religion of Peace? Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn’t.
Spencer will talk about the book on The 700 Club, Monday, August 20.

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