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DaleH 08/16/07

German Mag Admits: U.S. Winning in Iraq

Der Spiegel, a German news magazine in the forefront of the anti-American media in Europe, would seem to have some explaining to do. 

The magazine that has featured Bush/Iraq-bashing cover stories such as Power and Lies: George W. Bush and the Lost War in Iraq now reports that the U.S. is succeeding in Iraq. (Thanks to Davids Medienkritik-Online)  

Ray Drake at Davids Medienkritk-Online writes, “My first reaction upon reading this was: Are they on drugs? My second reaction upon reading this was: Have they finally gotten off the drugs?“ (I featured Ray in a piece on Anti-Americanism in the European media earlier this year.)

"Success in Iraq” has got to be a bitter pill for Europeans who have been imbibing on Iraq War schadenfreude for years now. Quite a shock to the system, kind of like global cooling or U.S. economic growth.

While we’re on the German media, scroll down at Davids Medienkritik and see how Der Spiegel managed to turn the Minneapolis bridge collapse into The Collapse of (the entire) U.S. Infrastructure

There's a brisk market for America is in Decline storylines in Europe, and you gotta keep feedin’ the beast. 

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