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WeightLossCoaching 03/12/08

What's LIfe Got To Do With It?


That's what life has to do with losing weight, dieting, obesity and health.

What do I mean by that?

I think that so often we get terribly caught up with dieting, with wanting to lose weight, with having the perfect body that we forget WHY we want it and what it has to do with the big picture of our lives. I have witnessed too many women compromising their quality of life, not getting enough JOY out of their lives because they spend YEARS beating themselves up because of excess weight on their bodies.

A survey we did years ago asking "how long have you been dieting" and the answer was shocking: 20 years was the average answer.

Imagine that, 20 years constantly dieting. The 10 years that I have been trying to help women lose weight has taught me one thing; if a woman is dieting she is very focused on her body--NOT her life! And that is a shame. Much of what I try to impart to my readers is that this weight loss journey needs to be one of character building, of self-discovery and of health improvement--not a pursuit of skinny.

I am NOT in any way advocating "fat acceptance"--that would be as defeatest as accepting Cancer rather than getting the advances available to treat it. Cancer kills, but Obesity kills more people year after year after year.

There is a big difference between accepting yourself and loving your life while trying to improve your health and your body.

There is much more to life than having a perfect body--and that's a good thing because few have a perfect body.

Today I gained a very valuable perspective that proves what I often say "we are NOT our body". I was painting a bowl at one of those painted pottery places and a young woman came in to pick up what she had painted a few days earlier.

She was in a wheelchair, her arms had not developed past her elbows and she didn't have legs. Yet she painted a bowl, a plate, a coffe cup and saucer in vibrant bright red with a multi-colored heart (looked like stained glass) and in bright yellow the words "I CAN" printed on them.


I was intregued and started a conversation with her. Turns out she painted them holding the paint brush in her teeth and had painted them for the Variety Club's upcoming silent auction in April here in St. Louis. She, a young woman who was likely a recipient of the good works this charity does for children was herself giving to them with her time, treasure and talents.

I asked what the "I CAN" stands for and she said "That we can do anything we put our minds to!"

Anything we put our minds to?!

Getting some new perspective on dieting?

You CAN do anything you put your mind to and it needn't take 20 years to get the job done. Make up your mind, change what needs changing, fix what needs fixing and get busy living the life of your dreams.

I assure you that we are NOT defined by the look or function of our body and therefore certainly aren't defined by our fat cells!

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