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WeightLossCoaching 01/15/09

Oprah and Diets

We admire Oprah and her many accomplishments, and I'm sure not knowing her personally that she probably has a big heart. But it must be troubling not only to be under a microscope all the time considering her 'celebrity' status, but to be overly analyzed when it comes to her weight.

Sure she has yo-yo'd for years like many dieters, with some long spans of healthier weight than others. If not for her fluctuation in weight, she might not be getting the ratings she does since so many people (guilty as
charged) like to talk about her weight, especially when she's put on a few pounds.

Here's what we would like to tell Oprah, along with any of you who might struggle with the 'up and downs' of a typical dieter. First, your weight should not be your focus. "Oh, I weight 188 pounds, I need to lose 36 pounds." Great, you've just solved nothing other than to point out the obvious if you are 36 pounds overweight! How do you know it's not 35? The point is that the problem is not your weight, or too much of it. Your problem is your lifestyle, your diet, your exercise plan or lack thereof.

These are the things you change. This is the only 'active' change you can make. The weight is just a by-product of what you're doing? Unless you're wearing a lot of clothes, you aren't going to change your weight today, only your actions that have an influence on what you weigh. Hopefully, your mindset about your weight will change on this if you understand and believe what was just said.

Secondly, by now it is safe to say that moderation is not acceptable. Oprah being the best, most perfect, most visible proof that moderation of those foods that are not contributing to a healthy weight, and a healthy body, should make us believe that you just can't consume things that aren't good for you...ever. Why risk it? Why, other than the pure taste enjoyment, eat or drink anything that doesn't have benefit to your health?  Can you weigh the risk versus benefit ratio and decide? In other words, can you evaluate how much potential harm a food or drink has versus how much benefit it has, then decide if it's worth it? I suppose. But most of what we consume that is contributing to the obesity problem is very black and white - soft drinks, fast foods, for starters. Certainly bacon and sausage would fit in that category. Fruits and vegetables, water, lean protein... all good choices.

There are enough healthy foods that do taste good (if you haven't burned up your taste buds with junk), that you shouldn't need to worry about foods that you don't like. Putting a little cheese on a steamed vegetable so it tastes good, now that's the way to do it so you'll eat it all and get those nutrients in your system.

Lastly, the model for a successful diet should be all about building healthy habits into your life. A healthy lifestyle is the goal. What you do, what you love to do, on a daily basis, with food acting as the fuel to make those things possible, productive, and fun. (Here's more on Oprah's recent weight gain...

It may be that Oprah has the opportunity to travel the world and try any types of delicacies that are available that many of us may never experience.

Maybe that freedom of choice and that luxury is not such a good thing. If you could have anything you want, no matter what the price - eat at the finest restaurants in the world, drink the most expensive wines - do you think you would? And more importantly, if you did, do you think you would not gain weight and maintain good health? Something to think about. Or would you build the finest exercise facility in your home - gym, pool, sauna, track, a court of some kind, etc...with your own personal chef and massuese?

Does Oprah have these but still succumb to the pleasures of the unhealthy foods? Maybe so. 

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