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WeightLossCoaching 10/02/08

Fall Changes for Fitness

What that did for me, is make me not too attached to material things. My family teases me now that the walls of our house have gotten 5 inches thicker in the 17 years I have lived in it because I paint constantly! To me, change is a good thing!

I tend to get very bored with things that stay the same for too long. Funny that I allowed my obesity to remain for almost 10 years of my life! Wouldn't you think THAT would have been something I would have wanted to change long before the sofa in the living room?!

A survey that I conducted on my readers showed that we spend an average of 20 years “dieting” but not solving the problem; losing the weight and keeping it off! That would lead one to think that we really must fight permanent change!

We humans are funny creatures indeed!

This week, I would like for YOU to do some soul searching and discover what it is about your life that needs changing and WHY are you are resisting it!

Are you more focused on the look of your home than the appearance of your body? (I am living proof now that you can change and have both exactly as you desire!)

Are you afraid of what the change to a healthy lifestyle will do to your life, as you know it? I worked with one woman, the most moral and Christian woman I have ever met, yet she had an irrational belief that IF/when she lost weight, she would suddenly turn into a woman of ill-repute because men would desire her. Realizing that she was not likely to change WHO she is helped her change WHAT she looked like.

Are you worried that if you commit to changing your life, that you might fail and fall short of your goals? It is far better to strive for a goal then to never try, or fall short of it--getting as little as 5 lbs off improves your health; 100 lbs off even better but start with the first 5!

Are thoughts holding you back? NOT to worry! Here is the TRUTH!

If you let the house go, it will get messy. If you don't do maintenance around your home, eventually it will fall into disarray. If a tree doesn’t get water and sunlight, it would not live up to it’s potential and could die a premature death. 

Your body is no different. If you take pride in being your town's equivalent to Martha Stewart, that is GREAT! But, don't allow your attention to only be on your home, crafts and baking perfect cookies...make sure you pay equal attention to your real home! YOUR dwelling place....YOUR BODY!

By the time nature is ready for it’s springtime show, tulips can be popping up in your yard and a tone body can be popping out of your current body! With the proper care and nutrition, you can realize your potential, your dreams! You KNOW what you are capable of! Get busy and show the world!

If you worry that you can't live as you do now if you are a 'health nut', you are wrong! I met with a reader of mine yesterday and she said exactly that, she is mourning the loss of life as she knows it and is not ready to let go and give in to healthy living. We had quite a talk about that issue. LIFE as you know it does not change just because you are eating healthier foods and getting some exercise! You don't suddenly go into seclusion because you are choosing healthy actions! IT is not a cloistered living! Trust me, you can still be the life of any party and when NOT eating from the cheese platter or dessert tray!

And finally, worried you may fail?! So your alternative is to NOT try? I don't think so! Any success story, from ANY walk of life that you have ever heard; is simply ONE more try after the last failure! Don't believe me...ask someone you respect who you consider ‘successful’; ask them if it came easy? Ask them if they didn't have to try over and over again until finally, seemingly overnight; they got it right and succeeded...this time!

Here is a catchy tune to hum along in your head this week as you contemplate the direction your changes will take...from my old college pal, Sheryl Crow-- "I think a change...will do you good!" or something like that! LOL

I KNOW it will do you good! And, if you need a nudge in the right direction, I know that you can find all of the support, encouragement and guidance right here!

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