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healthenews 02/04/09

High Fructose Corn Syrup: Sweet Defeat?

Dr. Dana Flavin has extensive experience in science and medicine. A former toxicologist at the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Flavin has practiced medicine in both the United States and Germany.

She currently serves as the director of the Foundation for Collaborative Medicine & Research. The foundation is a non-profit group C, focused especially on researching cancer and autoimmune diseases with the intent to "investigate and combine support therapies to enhance efficacy and decrease side effects for faster, safer and more comfortable treatment in many different diseases."

She wrote an article about HFCS for the December 2008 issue of Life Extension Magazine.

Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a noted cardiologist and has written a number of books, especially focusing on heart health. One shown in the story is "Metabolic Cardiology." One of the problems with HFCS is how the body metabolizes it; the book addresses how to energize the heart and body.

He was also the key expert in a CBN News report on statins, cholesterol, and heart disease.

Based in Connecticut, Dr. Sinatra has a subscription health newsletter with many valuable insights. Two helpful links for Dr. Sinatra are: Opthealth.com and Dr.Sinatra.com. He is not related to Frank Sinatra, but says he wishes he were!