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healthenews 03/10/09

Joy Of Soy?

The issue of soy is likely to open up a can of worms for many people. For some, it's the ultimate food; others want to run the other direction when soy enters the picture. Like so many issues in life, there's more complexity to soy than the public image.

First, let me acknowledge those who helped with the process of gathering information and video. Mind you, these are all local or regional businesses, but perhaps you will have incentive to head to the Beach:

J Mart Japanese Grocery
309 Aragona Blvd., Suite 111
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Telephone: 201-3520
E-mail: jmartvb@yahoo.com

Daruma of Japan
608 N. Birdneck Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
Owner: Chef Hiroaki Shiokawa
Telephone: 427-8511
E-mail: darumaofjapan@hotmail.com

Fresh World International Supermarket
2029 Lynnhaven Pkwy
Virginia Beach, VA 23456
Telephone: 471-3663

There are also Fresh World stores in the Washington, DC, area. Do an internet search for the details.

Now down to the nitty-gritty. Here are two websites to gather more information:

Dr. Kaayla Daniel's book, The Whole Soy Story.

This is the main health page of the United Soybean Board.

There is no one-size-fits-all in regard to eating soy foods. In general, go for moderate quantity and high quality. That's what the Japanese do.

As for soy infant formula, there seems to be risk without any clear benefits. MSG and related compounds are legitimate, serious concerns. Even when not added -- some is often released -- especially in the most highly processed varieties. In all foods, consumers should be aware of MSG sources, many of which are hidden.