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Hollywood Insight 08/12/20

CBN Films' I Am Patrick Soundtrack Now Available to Stream

Another facet of CBN Films' I Am Patrick is the moving orchestration of its soundtrack. Composer Rob Pottorf shared his thoughts on Facebook regarding his experience writing the score for the epic theatrical documentary:

"This is what you live for - no, not to see your name in the end credits (though it’s nice), but knowing that when you do see this, you’ve finished scoring a total of an hour and fifteen minutes of music to an incredible film. So grateful to be a part of this one!"

Pottorf's compositions can be heard on projects for Disney, CBS, Paramount, Lions Gate, 20th Century Fox, The Hallmark Channel, INSP Network, Turner Network, HGTV, CourtTV, Nickelodeon, Dollywood and others. He will also be producing music for CBN Films' production Written in Stone.

The soundtrack for I Am Patrick is available for streaming on Spotify and wherever music is available.

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