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Hollywood Insight 11/10/20

Start the New Year with The Chosen Season One Bible Study

The Chosen boat scene

Based on the television series The Chosen, David C Cook Publishing will be releasing an 8-session Bible study as a compainion to the first season. 

What Does It Mean to Be Chosen?: An Interactive Bible Study Guide by author, speaker Amanda Jenkins, American filmmaker Dallas Jenkins, and Dr. Douglas S. Huffman will also include digital resources such as sermon outlines, video clips, customizable teacher/facilitator guides, recommendations for using in-person and virtually for both community and small groups, and promotional materials.

"Being chosen by Jesus has beautiful and far-reaching implications; although it says even more about the Chooser than the chooses,” says Amanda Jenkins. “We are loved because He’s love. We are saved because He’s merciful. We belong to the family of God because Jesus is our ticket in, making Isaiah 43 and all its perks as true for us today as it was for God’s chosen nation back then.

“But what does it actually mean to be Chosen?” asks Amanda. “To answer that question, we’re going Old school—Testament that is. Which will lead us back to the New. Which will lead us directly to Jesus.”

"The Chosen TV series isn't the end game,” adds Dallas Jenkins, who created, directed and co-wrote The Chosen. “Ultimately, it's a tool to revive the viewer's passion for Jesus, but discipleship is the end game, and it's why we put so much time, effort and prayer into this study guide."

“Millions of people have watched and been impacted by The Chosen TV series, and we could not be more thrilled to partner with the Jenkinses to offer this incredible new resource to churches and individuals,” says Michael Covington, Vice President Publishing & Acquisitions. “Group leaders, Sunday school teachers and everyone who participates in this interactive study guide will find their faith enriched by the experience.”

What Does It Mean to Be Chosen?: An Interactive Bible Study Guide will be available through www.thechosen.tv/store, from David C Cook and at retailers beginning January 21.

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