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Devotions on Obedience

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Devotions on Obedience

We can do more than complain about the immorality or political state of our nation.

Training a horse is less about imposing your will on the animal and more about reaching an understanding so the animal will delight in serving its...

Following God’s directions can test our memory, courage, and devotion, but He rewards those who are faithful.

The question is, will we trust our Heavenly Father even when we don’t understand the adversity or challenging circumstances we face?

We like to think we can remember details without having to write it down. If we are honest, we know better than that.

We are to stand before one another spiritually transparent. It may not be easy bearing our true selves to one another, but it is necessary.

Adonai is the ultimate authority figure in your life and the One to whom you owe your complete allegiance.

Jesus didn’t ask the blind man, “Why do you want to see?” Instead, He asked what He could do to serve.

Sometimes the chains of regret weigh so heavy they seem unbreakable. 

The difference between an action and a reaction helps us view the scene of Jesus and the moneychangers with a new perspective.


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