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Articles on Bible

Your God will show up in unexpected ways to scatter the darkness!

Learn to steer clear of spiritual shipwreck.

Bob and Gayle are a couple who love to share their faith in an entertaining way. They discovered that CBN’s Superbook Bible animation series appeals...

Eleven-year-old Rafi lives in Indonesia with a Christian dad and a Muslim mom—and Rafi was confused about what to believe. Watch now and hear this...

Ten-year-old Oktavia grew up in a Muslim family and attends a school in Indonesia where most of the kids are Hindu and Christian. When she was...


Jesus as Son and Savior, Word and Lamb

Knowing more about the names of Jesus helps you to know him more.

Why did God choose Mary to birth the Savior?

Try changing the way you set goals and see if you have a better outcome.

Hugh Ross discusses how God’s nearness is a comforting thread through the Bible.

For better comprehension and more passion in your Bible reading, help others apply what it says.


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