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Articles on Hope

Rehema’s mom always worried about her spells of weakness and gasping for air. Unable to sleep, she ate very little, and her health deteriorated....

Dave and Logan tried everything they could to have a baby. After miscarriages and two attempts at adoption turned up nothing, they focused only on...


Good Friday Gives Way to Hope

Good Friday reminds us that all our suffering will one day end.

It’s a phone call no parent ever wants to receive.  “There has been an accident involving your child.  Please come to the hospital...

A Holocaust survivor vows to keep alive the memory of those who died during WWII.   

The Bible says suffering for Christ is a privilege. Is it worth it?

Grandma Myint was raising her two grandchildren in Myanmar by selling rice cakes. When a flood destroyed their home, she started over by taking out a...

After an earthquake destroyed their house in Guatemala, Catalina and her son Bradley had no money to rebuild. Instead, they used plastic sheets to...

Joan was struggling to support two kids on her tiny income, often borrowing powdered milk by the scoop from a neighbor. Then the Philippine Mayon...

YongQiang loved his grandpa, imitating him as he did his chores. But the little boy was hard of hearing and couldn’t communicate well. What would...


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