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Articles on Hope

Terry and her daughter barely got out of their home before Hurricane Michael brought unimaginable devastation. With their life in shambles, what...

Isack loved to play soccer for hours at a time, but swollen adenoids restricted his breathing and affected his sleep, studies, energy and appetite....

They knew they’d get sick, but bad water was all they had. Tokei and her village in Karamoja, Uganda, would spend up to eight hours a day getting...

As the missile struck her home in Syria, Ammar felt the boiling oil from the stove sear her skin. She received basic treatment at a field hospital....

In her latest role in the just released Indivisible, a movie she also executive produced, Sarah Drew portrays Heather Turner, a long-suffering...

Before Halloween even dispels its hallows' eve, we see signs of Christmas popping up all over.

Thumbs up or thumbs down.  It is a sad commentary that in this technological age of social media our feelings of self worth are sometimes...

Jeff was a star ice hockey player but turned to drugs to stifle his pain. Addiction followed him through years of success, until he finally began to...


See Yourself Changed

Picture yourself without the drug or self-destructive behavior. Believe Jesus Christ will help you get there. 


Seven Signs You're Not Ready to Quit

These seven behaviors characterize denial - an attitude that skirts the issue of change.


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