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Devotions on Forgiveness

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Devotions on Forgiveness

The Bible tells us that the anger of man doesn't achieve the righteousness of God. What is the godly way to handle our anger?

Can God really erase, delete, and wipeout the sins I have committed?

As Jesus sacrificed for our forgiveness, we sacrifice pride and judgment to grant mercy to others.

The Lord used a man with godly wisdom and insight to address deep rooted issues in my life. Perhaps you need to seek the counsel of godly men and...

There should be no doubt Peter loved Jesus. Yet in a moment of uncertainty and fear, Peter did the unthinkable. He denied and disowned the One he...

Today is a significant day. Not only is it a unique once-in-a-century roll of the calendar, it is also a special day to honor all veterans who have...

Forgiveness requires us to give up harboring resentment and bitterness. Love requires us to risk being wounded by others.

Each year, on my way to and from having my annual physical, I have to drive by the store where it happened—more than fifteen years ago.

God had helped me so much already; surely He could help me forgive. I wanted with all my heart to obey God, yet I couldn't imagine forgiving the man...

There are ups and downs as we go through difficult phases but we have the blessed assurance that this too shall pass.


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