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CBN Cambodia hosted an event with local churches where stars from CBN’s Super Kids Club TV program entertained thousands of children.

CBN Thailand is helping flood victims get back to work by repairing their bikes and motorcycles that were damaged in the floods.

CBN's Orphans Promise offers courses to orphans in Eastern Russia that will help them find meaningful jobs.

Thousands in the Philippines are homeless after recent typhoons. CBN is helping with disaster relief, often on a personal level.

In an area of Nepal where electricity is scarce, CBN installed solar panels, a DVD player, and hosted "Happy World" viewing sessions.

CBN joined with Orphans Promise and instituted a training program called 3-3-5 for children to guard against child sexual abuse in Thailand.

CBN Thailand partnered with a local church for their fourth Annual Kid's Camp. 115 children and parents learned about Jesus.

Several Cambodian churches are collecting and forwarding children's letters to CBN from young fans of CBN's TV program, "Super Kids Club."

Impact satellite channel is broadcasting The 700 Club dubbed in Russian to reach viewers daily in the U.S. and Europe.

Starting in June, Club 700 Hoy will be broadcast daily on Enlace, the only national Hispanic Christian network in the U.S.

CBN's popular Spanish program, Vida Dura, has a new Facebook page for viewer interaction.

CBN Philippines launched a new TV program "Kausaban," which means "transformation" in Bisaya, the native language.

Children in Thailand spent the day at an aquarium with the host from the popular TV program, CBN WorldReach's "Pen Dek"

The German 700 Club reaches it's homeland, Austria, and Switzerland and more through it's website and Facebook page.

CBN Indonesia's Jawaban.com features radio, live chat with prayer counselors, and daily devotions.

CBN Television programs reach more than 37 million people in India and are produced in four different Indian languages.


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