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Thirsty villagers from Ghana relied solely on contaminated water until you gave them an endless supply of clean water.

The Euro 2012 Soccer Championship will boost tourism in Kiev, Ukraine, and increase human trafficking. See what you're doing to protect orphans.

CBN is helping children in rural Thailand get an education. They assisted in getting school supplies for more than 300 children. They also shared...

CBN's Orphan's Promise hosts workshops for foster and adoptive parents in Ukraine, offering insight for parenting wounded children.

CBN distributed hundreds of mosquito nets to help prevent malaria during medical missions to Thailand and Burma.

Orphan's Promise held events for sick children in Kiev, Ukraine which 8000 children attended and resulted in nearly 2000 decisions for Christ.

CBN offers job training classes in baking, sewing and craft-making in Costa Rica. They also share the Gospel and many have received Christ.

Viewers of The 700 Club Asia in the Philippines are text messaging prayers by the thousands.

CBN TV progams began airing in Indonesia in 1998. Indonesians' strong response has birthed five tv programs to date.

CBN's Orphan's Promise is working to help victims of sex trafficking in Thailand.

CBN launched 180 Degrees, a new Russian television program airing weekly and providing Christian testimonies and commentaries.

When CBN built a well in this rural African village, its chief welcomed Christians starting Sunday School and showing Superbook to children.

CBN is working to purify water in villages near the capitol of India where well drilling is prohibited.

CBN's Orphan's Promise supplied medical help, food, blankets, firewood, home repair and insulation to remote Ukraine settlements experiencing record-...

CBN's multilingual website, tipritv.com, launched a campaign called "My Secret Addiction: Pornography" to help people overcome this addiction.

CBN French Africa enjoyed helping local pastors in three remote villages show Superbook Classic to their citizens using a generator and TV set.


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