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When relapsed drug addicts Christina and Steve said, "I do," it was only a matter of time before matrimonial chaos.

This Valentine's Day when the world is emphasizing romance, Sam and Vicki Ingrassia are teaching couples how to increase their passion for each other...

Dale shares about the day he packed Jena's bags, took them to driveway and how God was able step in and heal their relationship.

Relationship experts Philip...

Bill and Carolynn’s marriage was on the brink of divorce — until Carolyn made a decision that changed everything.

Pastor Joey Bonifacio shares how discipleship begins and ends with relationships.

Syndicated columnist Betsy Hart shares her personal experience of recovery from divorce into a future of hope and peace.

Dr. Travis Stork from the syndicated talk show,The Doctors, shares his passion for helping those who are in the midst of a medical crisis.

Recent well-known relationship splits and celebrity comments have turned the spotlight on the state of marriage and its sanctity in today's society.

The 700 Club goes behind the scenes with Michelle Duggar as she shares her perspective on relationships.

His affairs and betrayal almost spelled the end of their marriage. Then she got saved, and everything started to change.

The founder of Teen Mania talks about the dangers of casual sex in our youth culture.

Pat answers the following Bring It On questions: Should Christian wives suffer under abusive husbands? I feel guilty when I have sex with my husband...

Gary Chapman, author of best-seller, "The Five Love Languages," joins us to discuss his latest book about avoiding divorce, "A Marriage Carol."

Pat Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen answer the following question: I'm 41 and my boyfriend is 51. If we decide to get married I want to have a child....

Patricia Waldren grew up in a home filled with domestic violence. She vowed never to be like her father, but her first drink at age 13 changed...