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The science of the brain is clearly a hot-button issue, but where it really matters most is when it comes to male-female relationships.

Pat Robertson and Terry Meeuwsen answer the following question: I have been dating my girlfriend for three years. I will be attending college in her...

My friend is cheating on his wife and his wife is clueless. Should I tell her?

Racecar enthusiasts Kevin and Tara had a tough choice. For their business to thrive, they needed to cutback on the one thing they loved – racing!

The author of The Five Love Languages talks about his new book, a collection of stories about love put into action.

Pat Robertson answers your questions about rebuilding trust, a fear of death and horoscopes.

Pat Robertson and Kristi Watts answer the following question: How active should I be in pursuing marriage?

The old-fashioned romance associated with Valentine's Day is no longer a reality for many young people.

Pat answers: Should we play violent video games? What do I do if I fear the future? Can I be friends with a former flame?

The author of Kissing and Cooking will demo cooking for couples, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Pat Robertson answers the following Bring It On questions. Will anyone date a virgin? Why does God allow me to love someone who doesn't love me back...

Relationship expert Dr. Gary Smalley shares how he identified and overcame destructive beliefs by meditating on the Word of God.

My son is living with his girlfriend. How do I relate to him without condoning his behavior? A friend from church owes me money. Should I expect him...

What if the job you want to pursue doesn't look like it will pay the bills? Pat Robertson answers this question and more.

I am saved but my boyfriend isn't. We argue a lot. What's our problem? How can we honor our parents in tough circumstances?

Single ladies, if you think men don't have a clue, meet Jason Illian. This former contestent on The Bachelorette debunks the myths and misconceptions...