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Award-winning choir director and singer Earl Bynum shares how choir music is here to stay despite the new era of worship, and what kept him through...

The Inspiring Story of Bryan Stevenson: The man behind the blockbuster hit “Just Mercy” shares how his passion for justice transformed communities

Famous Tanzanian actress turns to magic to find success and happiness but instead faces only pain and suffering.

Producer Simisola Okai shares her favorite TPi stories and memories.

Senior Producer, Erica Linney, reflects on her favorite TPi stories and memories.

TPi ladies have a candid conversation about life as a Christian Single.

Muyiwa shares his favorite stories and moments while hosting TPi.

A woman prays her husband back to life after he was shot.

TPi celebrates Christmas

A pregnant woman diagnosed with terminal cancer defies doctors.

Fame drives the winner of Nigerian Idol to the brink of suicide.

A man gives up a life of homosexuality after a divine encounter.

A man finds freedom from a life of bitterness, anger, and alcoholism after he forgives those who abused him.

A man bound to a wheelchair miraculously walks again after three year.

A Nigerian flees her home, not knowing if her family is dead or alive, when a terrorist group attacks her home.

Despite being without legs and a deformed hand, a young man becomes a wrestling champion.


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