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Grammy Award Winner Dante Bowe shares the ups and downs of his journey to musical success.

A Trauma Coach and Psychology Professor shares the keys to having mental peace.

Africa's first Olympian to compete as a Skeleton racer discusses her new book Sleigh All Day.

A man offers forgiveness to those who caused him to spend 30 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

A Nigerian family flees their home country to save their lives and discovers their son is a Chess Prodigy.

A worship leader barely escapes with his life after being kidnaped by a Terrorist organization.

A woman struggles to regain her life after losing her husband, mother, and father only months apart.

Karen Gibson, the founder of the famous Kingdom Choir, shares her struggles and triumphs in pursuing a musical career.

A crack-cocaine addict overcomes his addiction through the power of God.

One of five survivors of a deadly plane crash recounts the events of that fateful day.

Southside Blooms: A young man is using flowers to transform the Southside of Chicago.

A man is released from prison and lured into a sex trafficking ring.

A woman decides suicide is the answer to her problems.

Former lead singer of the hit group Virtue, Karima Kibble Trotter, shares her struggles that shaped her life and new music career.

TPi answers the question, “Is Christianity a White Man’s Religion?”

A gang member finds a new life in an unexpected place.


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