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A man is shot in the head at close range and lives.

Actress Sope Aluko shares her journey to landing a dream role in the mega-hit movie Black Panther.

An evening of fun turns into a night of horror.

A woman describes her life as a witch.

A man sits on death row for 30 years for a crime he didn’t commit.

Featured on TPi 25 years ago: A man miraculously healed of cancer shares an update.

Creator of the company Travel Noire shares her divine inspiration.

Africa’s leading life coach shares a strategy to turn the continent around.

"Insecure" Actress/Comedian shares how she was Bamboozled by Jesus.

Legendary Gospel Artist CeCe Winans discusses her new project, Believe For It.

Pastor, Author, and TV Host Stephanie Ike shares the importance of living a life of purity.

After being committed to multiple psychiatric facilities, a woman finds healing for her mind and soul.

A couple faces losing their livelihood after suffering a traumatic brain injury in a near-fatal car accident.

A man's family falsely accuses him of a crime, sending him to prison.

A man discovers a love that satisfies his deepest longing.

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