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In her book “I Will Thrive,” Nicole Crank shares her journey from merely surviving abandonment and abuse to thriving in all areas of life.

Pastor and author Rob Singleton encourages others to live authentically and keep God at the center of their life to avoid the pitfalls of technology...

In his book, “Dad, How Do I?” Rob Kenney shares his rise in social media influence by creating life skill videos from a father’s heart.

In his book “Passport to Heaven,” Micah reveals how God’s love and Holy Word transformed him from a zealous Mormon to a Christian ministry leader.

Bethel Church pastor Ken Williams shares how the love of God led him on "The Journey Out" of a gay lifestyle and into freedom, fulfillment, and hope...

Singer-songwriter Bill Nash discusses his music career, son’s miracle healing, and the Champion Kids Camp in his book, “Saint, Sinner, Singer.”

In his book, "Peacebunny Island," 16-year-old entrepreneur Caleb Smith shares how he developed a therapy rabbit program to comfort hurting people.

In the book “Fast Burn,” Dr. Ian Smith provides a safe and healthy nine-week plan for implementing intermittent fasting (IF).

SQuire and Louise coined the term 'Godwink' defined as personal messages of encouragement from God, and now they have a series called, "Dogwinks,"...

In her book, "Declarations for Breakthrough," Jane Hamon teaches believers to agree with and speak God's Word in prayer to bring about change in any...

Best-selling author Greg Laurie discusses his book, "Billy Graham: The Man I Knew," revealing his personal relationship with the renowned evangelist...

In his book, “Reignite: Fresh Focus for an Enduring Faith,” Dr. Jack Graham reveals how he survived prostate cancer and the emotional turmoil brought...

Sarah Bowling discusses how to have authentic conversations with God and develop the single most important relationship of one's life.

In her book, “Help Her Be Brave,” Amy Ford empowers the Church to help women with unplanned pregnancies to choose life for their unborn baby.

In John Houston’s book, “Finding My Way Home,” he reveals his journey from a painful past to his God-given purpose.

Mo Isom Aiken reveals the power of intimacy with God to transform one’s life.


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Former Bachelor contestant Madison Prewett Troutt shares how the most important relationship she has in her life is the one she has with God. Plus,...

A plane crashes right after take-off and only one person survives. See how a team of angels rescues a 7-year-old boy on today’s 700 Club.

A K-9 cop tries to make an arrest and winds up in the line of fire. He takes two bullets and lives to tell the tale on today’s 700 Club.

A man takes a fall at work leaving him unable to put shoes on without unbearable pain. See how he’s lacing up once again. Plus, a human trafficking...

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