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Hear from the voice of a hopeless addict and the family who tried to save him.

Evangelist Rob Welch shares why he left the business world to bring people to salvation.

Searching for freedom and affirmation, Lindsey left her husband and filed for a divorce. See why she chose to return two years later.

Tyson Durfey is a world champion rodeo calf-roper, but his path to success was anything but easy.

The sex industry lured Roxanne with the promise of acceptance and attention. When her panic attacks began getting out of control, she turned in a new...

Mary Jo got Lyme disease from tick bites. She suffered for several months until she turned on the TV and heard a prayer just for her.

A Holocaust survivor vows to keep alive the memory of those who died during WWII.

An alcoholic single mother plans to kill her daughter and herself until a neighbor steps in.

Chris grew up in a Mormon household with a low self-image. After two failed marriages, he knew he had to break free from the pain of his past.

Dorris remembers her life as a young woman, broken from witnessing her father’s murder and fighting to survive through her pain.

Pain in Susan’s ear threatened to keep her from a birthday diving trip, but then a prayer changed everything.

Korey should have died from his injuries after a mid-air collision with another diver, but he knew Jesus had another plan.

Dr. Alveda King demos tasty Christmas recipes from her family cookbook.

23-year-old Evan was an athlete, but one day his heart suddenly stopped beating. His doctor instructed the family to do one thing: pray.

Caleb fell off his skateboard and hit his head. His family feared the worst, but after their test of faith, they received their Christmas miracle.

Rich suffered brain damage and fractured ribs in a motorcycle accident. Around the world, people prayed with the hope he’d be home for the holidays.


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A husband hides an addiction to the detriment of his marriage. See the wake-up call that sets him free. Plus, revolutionary research in a tiny lab in...

A decorated police officer plays both sides of the law and lands behind bars. See how he came clean on today’s 700 Club.

Meet the math whiz who built the modern world at a time when we barely knew how to use computers. See how Gladys West helped America into orbit and...

A husband races his wife to the hospital searching for signs of life. Witness the fight and the miracle. Plus, a suicidal mother experiences a change...