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Cherylnn's knee was healed when Terry gave a specific word about a red, patent leather purse.

I don't want to sound like a lazy person, but is prosperity a free gift from God? Do I have to work for it?

Gordon and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing.

Myo was born with a cleft palate and a grim future. Her parents tried to save for surgery, but they didn’t make enough money. It was a wonderful day...

Dennis and Renee’s story of transformation is nothing short of miraculous. With God’s help, they went from barely scraping by to giving to those in...

Unrecognized, yet vital, Titan's Morgan Cox believes God gave him a gift to play pro football.

In September, CBN Animation’s Superbook reached 600,000 subscribers on its Indonesian YouTube channel.

Who owns Gaza, and why do the Palestinians think it is theirs?

Hear the perspectives of three Americans who were on the ground in Israel when the war began.

A failed suicide attempt begins the process of understanding why Laurynn felt unworthy and unloved.

Operation Blessing provides playground equipment at a temporary shelter housing displaced survivors in Israel.

Meet Alina, one of the many Israelis being housed by CBN Israel at a hotel for displaced survivors of the October Hamas terrorist attacks.

As co-chaplains for the LA Chargers, George & Tondra Gregory water the soil for healthy relationships.

If my husband lied to me in our marriage certificate, are we still married in the eyes of God?

On today’s newsmakers, a warning about witchcraft, the truth about persecution, and a look inside Mike Pence’s faith.

For Pittsburgh Steelers Minkah Fitzpatrick, faith is the bedrock for freedom on the field and in life.


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Stacie decided to take God’s challenge found in Malachi 3. She saw her humble hobby of crafting candles turn into a flourishing holiday gift market...

Despite setbacks like job loss, divorce, and financial struggles, Esteban not only overcame adversity and $25,000 of debt, but he also experienced...

Kent and Jessica were married for six months when Jessica’s newfound faith altered their course and changed everything, especially their finances....

Kelly worked two jobs but was still $52,000 in debt. In desperation, she asked God for help, and He asked her for a step of faith. Are you waiting...

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