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As Hurricane Dorian lashed North Carolina’s Ocracoke Island, Trudy and her sister saw water rise so fast that it blocked their doors. “This is going...

On today’s Newsmakers, a pastor in Bethlehem reflects on the War with Hamas, a researcher’s alarming faith findings, and a musical about Jesus’ birth.

Trying hard to “please” God led James Nixon into years of toxic and destructive habits.

Former NBA player, Bryce Drew, shares tenets for success in leadership role as Head Coach for GCU.

On today’s Newsmakers, a woman’s shocking arrest for prayer, an actor’s miracle survival, and the growth of Satanist after school clubs.

Gordon and Terry pray for you and deliver words of knowledge through the power of the Holy Spirit for your healing.

Wayne and Claudia Brood fell through the ice on their snowmobile while crossing a lake in front of their home. They were miraculously rescued by...

Lydia and her children live in a run-down hut in Kenya. Full of cracks and hole, it offered no protection from elements. Lydia hated seeing her kids...

Little Catriona was born with cataracts in both eyes. The longer Catriona’s family waited for surgery, the greater her risk was of going blind. Her...

In a household of differing faiths, discover the pivotal moment that sparked Timo's profound transformation.

Through generous donor support, single mom, Araceli, can make a good living for her family.

On today’s Newsmakers, country star Granger Smith, a Christian baker comes under fire, and a modern day underground railroad.

Dale served 12 years as an undercover narcotics agent; getting bad guys off the streets and reaching the lost.

On today’s Newsmakers: a man escapes the occult, Jesus appears in dreams, and Israel continues its battle against Hamas.

CBN Films dives into the person of Saint Patrick in the film, I Am Patrick.

Co-founder and President of VENTURE, Ryan Skoog, joins The 700 Club to share how prayer has proven to be the remedy behind great leadership.


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Jewish patriots are the forgotten heroes of the American Revolution. They pledged their lives and sacred honor as they fought for the cause of...

After being abducted and abused, a teen is left broken. See why she was planning her way out and discover the song that saved her life on today’s 700...

A soldier struggling with PTSD is sent home from the Army, only to start a new war with his wife. See how this military man strikes a balance between...

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