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WeightLossCoaching 11/08/07

Who am I to Give Diet Advice?

Sometimes in my daily life -- telling others how to live more healthfully and to "be like me" sounds a bit self-centered to me.  Then I have to then sit back and remember why it is that I was put in this role and what it is that I am supposed to do to help you.

Let’s start at the beginning; Fourteen years ago, I weighed 305 pounds. I know this because my bathroom scale said it, my body felt it and my clothes didn't fit. But, I can only prove  that I weighed 290.  That was the last time I let the nurse weigh me at the doctors office! LOL

In January 1995, a homeless man (who I now believe to be my guardian angel) sized me up and shouted “Girl, you got too much food in you” very loudly in a very crowded public place. I was humiliated, certainly, but thankfully I was humbled at the same time. I listened to his words.  He didn’t call me “fat” or tease me.  He made an accurate observation about me.

That day, I swore off the one food I could easily identify as my “favorite” or the thing I knew I had “too much of” in me — ice cream! It has been over 12 years and I haven’t had a bite, not even a dip’n dot, of it! That was the first of many changes I made or “vices” that I busted.

After changing my life, slowly and gradually ONE change at a time, I shared my story with Woman's World magazine and hundreds of women said, "Nice story, all about YOU, but HOW did you do it and can I do it too!?"

Since then my mission and my passion has become to answer the question of "HOW" and to help YOU do exactly what I did and continue to do to this day.

 I call my approach “Vice Busting” and I am so proud that highly respected men such as Dr. David L. Katz and Dr. Mehmet Oz have said that my approach is sound, doable and will work. I hope that soon YOU will be saying that too!

Motivation to lose weight isn't enough to actually help you lose weight! It also requires taking action on your part! My job in this CBN blog is going to be to motivate you, educate you and inspire you so that you take action. And, most importantly that you keep taking action each day that will get you further on the path of improved health and fitness that you desire.

The first step to change is realizing and admitting that you want to change!

 Then, you must figure out your "WHY".

 I like to think of myself as being the most obnoxious child who continually asks you "why" after you answer a question they have. What I mean by that is it is not enough for you to answer "to have more energy" when asked "why do you want to lose weight?"

 WHY do you want more energy?

 WHY will having more energy change your life?

 What will do you with this newfound energy?

The journal that comes with my program helps you figure out your "whys" for that question but also to all of the questions that you must answer if you are to truly and forever change.

 My "why" is much different today than it was when I was 300 pounds, and then it was to move without getting winded, to be able to keep up with my kids in the park. Now, 13 years later and 130 pounds thinner, my "why" is to see how fit I can get, to see how defined I can make my arms or my calves--what's happened to them? Man-calves as I call them, so my current challenge is to get them more toned and shapely.

KNOW your "WHY" and then you better know your path! And you will succeed!

KNOW your "WHY" and then you better know your path! And you will succeed!

Tell me, what is your “WHY”?

Vice Busting...everything else is just a diet!