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WeightLossCoaching 11/13/07

Why November is the best time of the year to start your diet!

You may be thinking that I am nuts to say that, but it is true! Right NOW, today…this very second, is the best time of the entire year to get started on your healthy lifestyle journey…on your “diet”!

Why? Because the next 8 weeks are filled with tremendous challenges for those desiring a lean and toned body, and therefore the next 8 weeks provide more opportunities than any other time of the year to strengthen your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and your desire to make healthy choices. Challenges that we face and overcome are the very things that empower us! This time of year provides more chances to overcome challenges than any other time.

Sound impossible? Do you get anxious just thinking about the company Holiday party, the dessert tray or Grandma’s pecan pie?

Well, think of it this way…what was the office party like last year? How much did you consume last Thanksgiving? How many notches did you have to loosen on your belt last Thanksgiving? How many times were you disappointed that you didn’t lose weight…last year?

The time to change those disappointments from last year, is right now! You have a chance now to remedy the mistakes that you have made in the past, you have the opportunity to greet this holiday season with confidence, strength and determination!

When you go to a party or family gathering this Holiday season I want you to arrive prepared! It would be very wise if you ate a healthy meal during the day of the event. I realize that doing this would break with the custom of ‘starving all day so that you “can” eat what is offered’. You and I both know what that really serves to do; it provides you with a license to eat ALL that you want, after all, you haven’t eaten anything all day! All that leads to is over-consumption and regret after the fact.


It is time to stop kidding yourself and prepare! Arrive at the function with confidence, knowing that a healthy meal has already been consumed. That way, you won’t be as hungry and ready to scarf down the first morsel you see and you won’t need as much to feel ‘full’.

The strength that you will feel when passing up the mini quiches, saying no to the tortellini and bye-bye to the bon-bons will further increase your determination. Each time you say NO to something that is unhealthy, you will strengthen your belief in your abilities and will be more determined to say NO the next time the waiter comes along offering a mini cheesecake! November and December are going to provide you with a windfall of opportunities to say NO!

Doesn’t this plan of action sound a lot better to you than opting for another season of feasting followed by months of anguish and self deprecating “could’a, should’a and would’as?