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WeightLossCoaching 01/14/08

The Truth about Losing Weight

Have you ever heard the story of Henny Penny and her bread? She wanted to make some bread, so she asked everyone she knew if they would help her sow the field, plant the wheat seeds, weed the field, care for the crops, harvest the stalks, ground the wheat and make the bread. Along the way, she asked for help and each time, every step of the way, everyone turned her down. NO ONE wanted to DO the work necessary to actually make the bread. But you can only imagine how willing they were to help eat it when they smelled the bread as it was rising and baking in Henny's oven.

Well, that's just a children's story; but like most good stories there's a moral to it; you can't enjoy the reward if you don't do the work to earn it! Well guess what? That moral holds true when it comes to weight loss, having a great body and living your dreams. You don't just suddenly wake up with a great body and get to enjoy wearing size 8 jeans! You have to earn it by doing every step along they way.

True story; I am out of town today giving a few speeches and first thing this morning I jumped out of bed (ok, I am getting older, I rolled out more than bounding out with a youthful leap, but it sounds better! LOL) and put my exercise clothes on and headed down to grab a rather nutritionally challenged "free" breakfast and go to the gym. A well dressed business man in the elevator actually looked my spandex clad body up and down and said "Do five minutes for me; and 10 for my wife while you are at it, she could stand to loose some too!" I think, but I am not sure, that he was complimenting my figure but also wanting the same for him and his wife but without having to work for it.

With a smile and wink, I said, "You asked the wrong person, sir. If you want to get fit, it's one thing you can't delegate to others to do for you. Fitness only will happen for you if you make it happen." Then I walked out of the elevator. I hope I got him thinking. I didn't mean to come off as rude, but I sure meant to make him think!

And, it made me think of ol' Henny and her bread. We would all love to have someone do all of our tougher tasks for us, but when it comes to what is really important, and those very tasks that the reward is found in doing the work--only YOU can do it!

You can hire a trainer but they can't exercise for you; they just encourage you to do it. And, IF they exercised for you, they would get the reward of endorphines, not you! You can hire a chef to prepare healthy fare for you, but they can't make you eat what they cook you and only what they cook for you. Only you could decide to stick with it. You can hire me to coach you but ultimately it's up to you to do what I recommend to you.

But, the good news is, if you take my advice, you will make positive changes, you will improve your health, your body and your life and you will enjoy the rewards of realizing your dreams. That's Vice Busting! Changing your lifestyle gradually and permanently for the rest of and BEST of your life. Like the sounds of it? Good! Bust your vices before they bust you! Post a comment today and tell me how I can help you.