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WeightLossCoaching 01/09/08

The 21 Day Vice-Busting Challenge

Congratulations to  those of you who have made a committment to breaking your number one vice.  It takes 21 days to develop a new habit and you are now on your way to a healthier, happier you.  If you'd like to download a journal to help you break your worst food vice, just click on this link. 

I do not think that a human being is overweight or obese because they are deficient of the Atkins diet or of the Weight Watcher gene or they were born without a SouthBeach. Nor do I think that we are born with stomachs that are too large and therefore need to be surgicially altered to enable us to lose weight. 

No. I think that the overweight or obese individual created a lifestyle over time that supports excess weight. That person got used to hitting up the vending machine every time they had a break at work. That person got used to getting a muffin or bagel from the place around the corner. The woman was thirsty and put her money in the soda machine and quenched her thirst. The woman got used to being busy, not having time to cook and enjoyed the ease of stopping and picking up dinner, often times opting for "fast food" rather than good food fast. The woman is raising a family, running her home, meeting her spouses needs, working full time and can't find time to paint her toenails in a month's time much less hit the gym for an hour a day!

The good news is that we can change! We can change our lifestyle and get the results we want.

There is a good way to go about it and a bad way.

The bad way is to try to take the 250 pound woman who is drinking soft drinks, eating fast/unhealthy meals, not drinking water and not getting any exercise and try to turn her into Denise Austin overnight simply because it is "Day One" of her diet.

While living like Denise Austin should certainly be the ideal that we strive for, I don't think in the real world that most of us are going to do squats while ironing, leg lifts while talking on the phone or tuck in our tummies while driving carpool (she really does these things 24/7!).

So, what should we do?

I think you take it ONE day at a time.

I think that today you should start by breaking your number one food vice.   

Do that for a week, or two or three and then let's talk about making another change.

That's Vice Busting! Changing your lifestyle gradually and permanently for the rest of and BEST of your life.

 Like the sounds of it? Good! Bust your vices before they bust you!