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WeightLossCoaching 04/03/08

Spring into Shape

IF you were a bulb and ready to bloom--would you look the way you want? That may seem like an odd question, but think about it for a moment. Did you plant any bulbs last fall and now are waiting for them to gloriously pop out of long frozen, snow covered winter dormant ground and bloom into beautiful tulips, daffodils, peonies, etc?
I LOVE to plant bulbs and LOVE the beauty that is every Spring bloom.
But, what if we were like the bulbs, planted months ago and now ready to show our stuff to the world--would you be ready?
Really, if you think about it, we go out in the world every day and 'show our stuff' and everyday is a chance to start to bloom into who and what you want to be.
Don't look exactly as you want right now? That's ok! With a little tending to, you will!
A few quick tips to get you ready to 'spring' into top shape:
1.Drink 64 OZ of water a day, up to 1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces; if you weigh 250 pounds, you should strive to drink 125 ounces in small sips throughout the course of your day. Nature's best appetite suppressant AND so good for you and your skin!

2. If walking 5 minutes is difficult for you today, WALK 5 minutes! Do it again tomorrow, and the next day, gradually increasing until you can walk for an hour. Do what you can, and strive to continually do more. Get a pedometer and build to 10,000 steps a day EVERY day! That is a healthful day.

3. Try to get more raw fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. You may not think you crave it but try slicing up red, green, yellow and orange peppers as a snack; you will want them again and again. Or a mango? When is the last time you tried one? They are wonderful!

4.Put your best face forward. By that I mean mind, body and soul. It is important that you are happy, fulfilled, peaceful, spiritual, empowered AND healthy! This journey isn't about getting skinny--it's about finding YOU; the real you, the ultimate YOU, the YOU that you know you can be. Do something each day that moves you closer to your ideal in every area of your life; for example: volunteer to help a worthy cause, renew your chosen faith and beliefs, make a difference in someone else's life, smile, get a pet--there are many things you can do that will shape your future AND your shape!

Life is good. I wore my favorite hat w/ that very slogan on it to the gym this morning and it is a great reminder that despite whatever isn't perfect; there is much that is awesome to celebrate.