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WeightLossCoaching 04/10/08

If Junk Food Was Illegal

It was only a dream.

I fell asleep last night after having watched a local news program talking about how Anheuser-Busch was going to celebrate the anniversary of the end of Prohibition today. It's been 75 years since Bud was made available to the masses because of the repeal of Prohibition. I had the strangest dream--and you were there, and you were  there...

I dreamed of a future world in which Coca-Cola's Coke and Diet Coke were banished. McDonald's was out of business but a new franchise used the Golden Arches buildings to sell the healthiest salad bar in the world--no longer serving whatever that was that McDonald's used to put between two pieces of flour paste with cheese, ketsup and a pickle and ask if you wanted fried lard/potato sticks with it. Candy aisles had bright labels wrapped around a banana, an apple and kiwi; there wasn't a chocolate bar in sight. Water was what everyone drank.

The people were so healthy, there was no one who was morbidly obese. No one needed a scooter to move around. No one was forced to lay in bed because they couldn't lift their own body weight and walk. Plus sized stores no longer existed.

One size really did fit all.

There were millions of children outside playing games and laughing, adults were holding hands walking down the streets; it was beautiful. Hospitals were like ghost towns, hardly any beds occupied with the sick or dying. Teachers earned more money than doctors and players didn't get paid to play sports, as there were waiting lists of healthy and fit people waiting for a turn at bat. Everyone was active, fit, healthful and empowered.

As I was flying over them, I watched the people. What they were doing looked familiar to me but I couldn't put my finger on what as different and then it hit me!

There weren't any soda machines! Only water fountains. There weren't candy filled vending machines, only carts filled with fresh fruits and vegetables.There weren't fast-food restaurants on every corner; no in this great city there were gyms, parks and bike trails on every corner. What brought this wonderful change about?

It turns out that a very brave President, signed into law a Obesity Prohibition Bill; banning the sale of high-fructose corn syrup laced poison, aspartame spiked beverages, actually ANYTHING containing aspartame, splenda, etc was bannded. MSG was banned. Anything made in a restaurant had to be made of actual food, not man-made garbage like McDonald's served for so many years that widened the bodies of so many humans. In fact, the only "fast food" restaurant from 2008 that was still in business was Subway--they must have meant it when they said "Eat Fresh"

And, no, the President wasn't one of the 2008 Mississippi legistlators trying to ban FAT people from being served in restaurants. It was the smart gal from Missouri who decided to go after the causes of Obesity, not the people who suffer from it!

...and then, I woke up.

Vice Busting...everything else is just a diet!