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WeightLossCoaching 04/24/08

Fat is a 4-Letter Word

Personally, I don't think any women should EVER call herself "FAT"--perhaps her body is, but SHE, "who" she is has to be much more than simply a physically descriptive word.FAT is NOT a personality trait and it shouldn't be how we define ourselves or allow anyone else to define us! Our words become our thoughts and our thoughts become our actions, and eventually they shape who and what we are and are thought of.

Many people have found themselves in hot water when calling people a "name" that is often associated with a stereotype. With the election so close, we would be outraged if Senator Obama referred to himself as the "N" word candidate and would won't stand for anyone calling him that! Can you imagine if someone ran for office and called themselves the FAT candidate? That would make them a mockery, the butt of every late night joke. Everyone would call them the "FAT" candidate.

In today's society we do not tolerate negative, self-deprecating and insulting words, yet when it comes to FAT it is the last bastion of discrimination, tolerated hate and harassment that we have left, and until we stop calling ourselves these negative self-deprecating words, no one else is going to. If you were walking down the street and someone called you FAT, you would cry inside wouldn't you?

If your spouse called you FAT, you would be devastated, wouldn't you?

If your boss called you FAT, you would want to quit, wouldn't you?

So, don't call yourself FAT, don't tolerate it from ANYONE--and that is the first step to ridding your life and your body of fat!

If you have been in a rut and are having trouble losing the weight, finding the energy, and feeling and looking great, then try a lifestyle transformation.  Not a transformation that will give you unrealistic expectations of being a different person in a week.  But a transformation that starts with simple actions - one step at a time.  Imagine you change the course of your life by just 1 degree.  It doesn't sound like much, but extrapolate that out to 1 year and you will be miles away from where you would have been had you not made any changes.

You can start today by making that one change.  And next week, you can make another change. That's the approach that has been helping thousands of people. Start by learning what the top three diet vices are in the U.S. and are spreading throughout the world.

Put your blinders on and get moving. Like a horse that focuses on the finish line, I think all of us would do much better if we set goals and kept our focus on those goals. Don't let unnecessary distractions take you away from what you'd like to accomplish in your life. At the end of the week, month, year and even 10 years later, you'll be able to look back and think about all the positive experiences you've had along the way. A life of healthy living is a life full of opportunity. Don't look at the obstacles and think about how many there are or how difficult you think they may be. Look at a healthy life and believe how great it is, and take action to move in that direction.

Don't accept FAT as a word that would describe you for another day!  I am 100% sure that God would never call you fat! Think about that as you are deciding what name to call yourself, what would GOD call you? I think he would call you LOVED.

With that said, LOVE yourself today!