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WeightLossCoaching 04/16/08

A Walk to Remember

I don't watch much television but I am very thankful that I did tonight. While watching a news program I caught the end of an interview with two parents about the foundation they created to remember their two children tragically killed in an accident and a walk that they are doing to raise money for their scholarship fund.

Two subjects that aways catch my eye, or in this case my ear; a walk and children. As anyone who is a regular reader of mine knows my purpose is to try to help end Obesity and my biggest passion is the health of future generations--our children.

I thought initially that they were talking about one of the Obesity Walks as the gentleman said it would help him get in better shape, they gave the website, http//AWalkToRemember.org and asked people to go to it and pledge a donation. I went to it to learn more and make a donation. I looked at the photos of beautiful Jillian and handsome Lee, read about their accident, their parents strength and their community's love, when I read the story on angels and river rocks, I had to share it with everyone I care about.

I have spent the last hour crying, emailing my daughter who ironically and frighteningly drives a Black Jeep Grand Cherokee and urged her to finish writing a Country song she started a year ago when one of her friends died in a car accident.

We have walks for all sorts of causes, we raise money for many charities and many of us do many of the things asked of us for the good of others. Today, many of you, including me probably have green plastic bags filled with toilet paper, shampoo and soap hanging on your front door for the GirlScouts to pick up for their personal goods drive to benefit the needy!

While all of those are great causes, http//AWalkToRemember is not only a worthy cause to donate your money to, it is something to get involved with. If you are a parent, an aunt, an uncle, a grandparent or a friend of a young person; call them right now. Tell them how very much you love them and urge them to visit this site, attend or schedule a lecture that Lee Wagner gives. Remind them how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away.

I am going to ask my family to forgo any Mother's Day gifts or dinner they may be planning and instead donate that money to this cause. What a great Mother's Day it will be, to be part of the Walk that is absolutely one to remember and to celebrate. God's Blessing be with you both Lee and Debbie Wagner and may your devotion and love of your children help other's to remember what is really important in life. I thank you for reminding me.

Don't take a day for granted and certainly, don't waste a moment "dieting". There is so much more to life than the size jeans you are wearing.

Yes, do something about all things in your life that need improving, but don't waste time.