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WeightLossCoaching 05/08/08

Dieting: Take Off Ten!

Ten percent off! Does that get you excited when you are eyeing a new shirt at the mall and a sign proclaims that it is “On Sale” but they are only taking 10% off the regular price? If it was a $100 shirt, you would only save $10.

Doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal, does it?

I get excited when something that I have wanted to buy gets marked down 25% and even more tempted to buy it when it is 50% off—what a deal,  and at 75% percent off, I convince myself that I am practically losing money if I don’t buy it! But 10%?! That doesn’t get my bargain hunting mechanism even turned on. 

My point? Losing 10% of your body weight is a really good deal! A big savings when it comes to your health and improving it.  If you weigh 200 lbs and lost 20 pounds, you likely add years to your life, lower your risk of getting many diseases such as heart disease and cancer by more than 10%!

But what’s the 10% “diet”? Here’s the deal, when you sit down to eat, I want you to look at your plate and simply take 10% off!

You are putting your diet on sale, sort of, but in reality what you are doing is shaving just a tiny 10% off, that’s just a few bites less that you will consume. Remember, it wouldn’t get you all excited at the mall if it was a shirt that was 10% off, it’s just not a whole lot off, or at least doesn’t seem like it, so it surely won’t feel like much off on your plate!

Can you do that? Consume 10% less than you normally would of everything—even drinks, all day long, except for your water in take, keep drinking all you can up to ½ your body weight in fluid ounces throughout the course of your day.

I promise you that after your “sale” is over, you will be at least 10% thinner for your efforts! Do the math, if you would normally consume 2000 calories and you take 10% off, you just saved 200 calories and are down to 1800---that will lead to weight loss over time. Tiny changes lead to big results as long as you are consistent with the changes you make.

Vice Busting...everything else is just a diet!