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WeightLossCoaching 05/22/08

The Jesus Cab

Ever had a bad day? I mean a really bad day where everything seems to go wrong and all you want is something to eat that will make it all better.


I had one of those days recently. I traveled from St. Louis to South Bend to speak at a Go Red for Women Heart Association event. I had so much work that needed to be completed before leaving for the trip, then I rushed to the airport only to be delayed by a mechanical problem. Then, I got to the city my flight connected in and it wasn't a "1-stop" flight like I have always done before, but a "change of plane"/connection flight--difference being you have to get all your stuff from the overhead and schlep it through the terminal and carry it all to the next flight and stow it all over again. Not a big deal, but certainly added more stress to the already frazzled day.


So, I get to South Bend, finally find all my luggage and proceed to try to carry my HUGE bag loaded with books and my 26-week audio program, my clothing bag and my portfolio bag with signs and props AND my HUGE purse outside to the cab waiting area.


I am dripping with sweat at this point, probably smelled like a goat and didn't have a smile anywhere to be found on my face--I was the least approachable person at the airport for sure. Well, I look up (usually a good idea when walking with a load of bags) and in front of me was a cab with bumper stickers all over it and a guy that looked like he was a hold over from the 70's standing there with the door open signaling for me to get in.


What a way to end a horrible day.


Little did I know what I was in store for. I handed my bags off to the long haired hippie looking man and noticed an earring dangling from his earlobe--a shiny, bejeweled  cross. Nice. I started to smile a little bit. Then I actually read the many bumper stickers; every one was about Jesus! "Honk if you love the Lord", "Jesus Saves" and "God loves you"!


My bags were loaded, I sat in the back seat and the "hippie" jumped in the passenger side. "Who was going to drive" I wondered, when in the driver's door opened and in came Scott, the driver. He smiled and handed me his card and said "Welcome to the Jesus Cab!" On the dashboard was a small California license plate that said "Jesus Cab" on it.


The next 20 minutes as the Jesus Cab delivered me to my hotel, I shared much more than a ride with those two men, it was truly a ride of faith and fellowship. Scott immediately sized me up and said "Rough day? You know, the Lord will lift all your worries and your troubles away if you just ask Him to."


He shared stories with me about how he has brought at least a dozen people to faith from right there in his cab. He told me about his life and the hardships that he has endured and how his "passionate love affair with the Lord" has gotten him through all of them.


I thought about my day, it really wasn't that bad. Certainly not as bad as some of the events Scott dealt with in his life. Certainly not as bad as many people live through and absolutely not bad enough to cause me to eat something that is unhealthy, isn't going to help me closer to the body of my dreams and goals and totally not bad enough to cause me to forget "Let go and Let God!"


So, as you deal with your life, the economy, the problems that are part of all of our lives and you think you just have to eat nearest unhealthy food to make it better, I ask you this; do YOU need a ride in the Jesus Cab?" If so, and you can't get to South Bend at the moment, just pray. The destination is the same--inner peace, faith and happiness--and a healthier, thinner and more fit body!


That will be $12.90 plus tip -- thank you for riding with me today.