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WeightLossCoaching 09/18/08

It's Good to be Abnormal

Don't you love reading the "before and after" weight loss success stories in magazines or seeing the transformations realized on "The Biggest Loser"?

The images are always inspirational, but what happens when the magazine is off the shelves? When the camera is turned off? When life returns to "normal"?
It was being "normal" that got the enabled the person to gain weight in the first place! So, if that person only "dieted" but didn't work on identifying and realizing exactly WHY they got overweight; from the emotional reasons to the specific food or "diet vices" they indulge in on a regular basis and then permanently change them, replacing what had been "normal" to them with healthier options the weight they lost will undoubtedly return over time.
I lost 130 pounds so long ago that I don't really think about it much.  But what does stay in my mind, is that to keep it off, I have to continually abstain from my old vices, be mindful of new ones that may creep up and always focus on trying to improve my health and fitness as best I can.
That is not obsession but rather passion for self-improvement, for health and for longevity and above all, it's actually really fun!
It is so much more awesome to be wearing the cute high heel shoes, fun denim jacket and slacks in a size 8 that I have on today than my 2XX Chadwicks of Boston 'tent' dresses that for too long I hid away from life in. Today, I stand proudly, confidently and I hope, "normally"!
Want to be normal, too?! Then join me and be abnormal! Do what only 20% of Americans do, live healthfully!!

Pray to God each day, asking Him to bless you with a healthful life, a body that has mobility and is full of energy. Be specific when you ask  Don't just pray to lose weight. Ask God to help you have more energy, be more full of spirit and to be able to serve Him better and longer in a more healthful body. Then, help Him answer