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Pakistani Prisoner in Urgent Need of Prayer

Pakistani Prisoner Zafar Bhatti

We've reported extensively here at CBN News about the status of Iranian-American Pastor Saeed Abidini. Our viewers and readers have expressed great interest about his health and well being as Saeed's imprisonment in Iran continues. Many have signed a peititon demanding his release.

Now, a Christian contact in Pakistan has requested that I share an urgent prayer request for another Christian prisoner. This one is from Nawaz Sharif Colony in Lahore.

Forty-five-year-old Christian Zafar Bhatti has suffered in prison since July 2012. He's charged with committing blasphemy under Pakistan's 295-C law. If convicted, Zafar could be sentenced to death.

Zafar is accused of sending blasphemous cell phone text messages to an Islamic cleric. Problem is, Zafar is illiterate and would have no way of knowing how to write a text message.

The Pakistan contact says Zafar survived an assassination attempt in prison March 31. Apparently poison was placed in his food, causing him to bleed from his nose and mouth.

Here's a portion of the email sent to me about Pakistani Christian prisoner Zafar Bhatti:

"Muslim prisoners told him he would be forgiven (for the alleged blasphemy incident) if he accepted Islam. But he refused to accept Islam. Muslim prisoners are trying to kill him... and are saying they will tell jail authorities that he is using bad language about Prophet Mohammed. Zafar's sister says 'everyday Muslim prisoners come around Zafar and call him kafar (infidel) and use bad language against him and Christianity.' They are giving him mental torture. Zafar's life is in danger in jail."

Zafar's wife, Nawab Bibi and his sister Farzana are asking that Christians around the world "Please pray for Zafar's strong faith, for his safety and soon release."

So be it.

There are no petitions being signed on his behalf, and few members of the media are telling you about him. But Zafar Bhatti--like Saeed Abidni--is equally deserving of our prayers and help.

May God be with him and his family.

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