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Buddhists Attack Sri Lanka Christian Centers

If you think Muslims are the only ones who resort to violence against Christians, then you need to view this video. Buddhist have a reputation of meditating and expressing themselves peacefully. Not so in Sri Lanka.

On Sunday, a mob led by some outraged monks decided they'd had enough of their Christian neighbors in the resort city of Hikkaduwa. They attacked and vandalized two Christian prayer centers saying they were operating illegally after administrative authorities had ordered them closed.

The prayers centers were operated by the Calvary Free Church and the Assemblies of God. They insisted the center were registered--eviction would be illegal

So, the peaceful and tolerant monks decided to take matters into their own hands and along with their followers, they pushed past police and smashed Christians signs and windows, destroyed Bibles, books and paperwork, and ransacked the prayer buildings.

A church near Colombo was also reportedly attacked.

This is nothing new for Buddhist Sri Lanka. Monks have often incited their followers to attack Christians and churches.

The nation is ranked #29 on the Opend Doors annual World Watch List.

Sri Lanka Police say they intend to arrest the attackers. The country guarantees religious freedom in its constitution, but the monks obviously haven't gotten the message.

They're goal is to reach nirvana, but apparently they first plan to eradicate Christianity from their island nation before they get there.

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