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Pakistan Judge: Death to Christians

Shagufta and Shafqat photo courtesy Rescue Christians

Pakistan's archaeic 295 Blasphemy Law has claimed two more victims. They're Shafqat Emmanuel and his wife Shagufta Kauser.

Last July, the couple was arrested for allegedly sending blasphemous text messages against Mohammed to a local imam in Gojra. Probelm is they lost their cell phone several days earlier and had reported that to the manager at the local phone store. Also, Shafqat is crippled and bound to a wheelchair. Shagufta is illiterate.

Despite a lack of evidence, a judge recently sentenced them to death. The couple has four children who they've not seen since the arrest nine months ago:

  • 12-year-old Zain
  • 10-year-old Danish
  • 8-year-old Joshua
  • 6-year-old Sara

Keith Davies of Rescue Christians says the judge admitted privately that he'd be killed if he did not order the execution of Shafqat and Shagufta. The Christian couple has appealed their case.

Watch my full interview with Davies here:

Also, President of International Christian Concern, Jeff King asks Christians to pray for the couple and he urges Americans to contact their representatives in the U.S. Congress to demand that pressure be put on the Pakistani government to bring about justice in this case.

Like most of these blasphemy cases, these are false allegations; there is no evidence against them.

This poor, innocent Pakistani couple deserves to be freed from prison and reunited with their precious, heartbroken children.

Watch my full interview with Jeff King, and then please pray for this couple and their children!

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